A residential building in Sołtysowska st. in Kraków

    Architectural and constructional design – adaptation of a residential building: April 2004.

    Authors: KKM Kozień Architects.

    Investor: Budimex Real Estate Ltd.

    Plots area: 2 330 m ².
    Net area: 1 770 m ².
    Building cubature: 6 400 m .³
    Number of overground storeys: 4.
    Number of flats: 32.
    Number of parking spaces: 15.

    The area of the subject plot was developed with an administrative four-storey building including the cellar. It has one main staircase located in the central part of the building in a three-track functional layout with the middle transport track.

    The administrative building was adapted to a residential multifamily building by introducing just a necessary correction of its external layout: liquidating the side entrances, modernizing the elevation thermally, correcting the entrance zone which gave a completely new expression to the object as well as installing a lift for the disabled.

    The managerial and technical function was planned in the cellar. The workers' canteen on the ground floor was liquidated for the sake of new flats. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor – the residential function.

    32 flats (area: 25-45 m²) were built altogether. The one- and two-room flats do not require right through ventilation. The flats have a kitchen recess or a kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet, a storage space and the space of internal transport. The minimum size of a dayroom is designed for 16.0m². No changes were introduced in the layout of the greenery.