Modernization of the Polish Theatre in Bielsko – Biała – "The Little Stage"

    The building of the Polish Theatre Carpenter Workshop in Bielsko-Biała:

    Construction design: March 2005.

    Implementation design: December 2005.

    Implementation: April 2008.

    Authors: KKM Kozień Architects. Construction: CADSoft. Electricity: M.Sc. Waldemar Bialik. Greenery: M.Sc. Agnieszka Gozdecka.

    Investor: The Polish Theatre in Bielsko-Biała .

    Development area: 279 m ².
    Cubature: 2,875 m ³.
    Usable area: 920 m ².

    The programmatic and functional assumptions were to transform the existing carpenter workshop into another stage – the Studio Theatre – meant for small stage forms.

    The guaranteed possibility of acting on the other stage with different spatial parameters creates a broader potential of artistic activity and rehearsals in the new object. The purpose of this object for a new little theatrical stage is also dictated by its excellent location in the very centre of the town. The object stands in the direct neighbourhood of the Polish Theatre building.

    The main element of the new theatre is a studio adapted from a carpenter workshop and designed in the layout of a transformable hall for maximum 100 spectators.

    The transformability will be based on movable and removable set pieces (100 x 200 cm) making it possible to dismantle them quickly and easily and build a stage-auditorium in a new performing intention. The elements of the stage-auditorium are stored in a fragmentary descent of the stage floor facilitating the effect of the flat hall floor. A technical gallery in a steel construction was introduced around the hall walls. A technical grid, making it possible to assemble line and point lifts which guarantee rich possibilities of placing stage lights and hanging elements of set design, was installed on the ceiling. Wall curtaining was introduced in order to change colours and moods in the hall.

    The hall is accessible for the spectators and the actors as well from the hall with a cloakroom and sanitary complexes.

    An entresol above the hall zone has dressing rooms with a sanitary complex for the artists and some technical booths (EA, stage lighting).

    On the existing first floor, there are decoration studios with a social room for the employees.

    The project made one of the stages of the modernization of the complex of the Polish Theatre objects commenced in 1996 and designed in 2008.

    The revalorization and modernization of the elevation of the main building was prepared by our mother company: the Academic Studio of Architecture – the Opera House Designing Team.