Radio Rzeszów

    Implementation design (interiors and acoustics, the control room, the emission studio and the evening studio).

    Investor: Radio Rzeszów.

    Authors: KKM Kozień Architects.

    Evening studio: 24 72 m ².

    The theme of this design was the adaptation and modernization of the interiors of the existing control room and the evening studio at the Polish Radio Station in Rzeszów to the current technological requirements. In order to facilitate the application of new technical possibilities, the object received such architectural and constructional solutions, acoustics of the interiors, energy installations and air-conditioning that constant technological modernizations went without any distortions or necessities of making significant alterations in the adapted interior. The control room as well as the emission studio received a full acoustic design in order to determine the range of adaptation whose objective was to gain acoustic parameters of the rooms in accordance with their technological functions.