The Capitol Musical Theatre in Wrocław

    Competition design: 1st award: December 2006.

    SARP-Kraków award – DESIGN OF THE YEAR 2005.

    Construction design: 2006-2013.

    Construction completed: 2013

    Architecture: KKM Kozień Architects, APLUS Design Office.

    Construction: M.Sc. Ireneusz Grabkowski, Ph.D. Adam Klimek.

    Ventilations: TW Engineers.

    Acoustics: KTD Technical Services Tadeusz Kamiński.

    Restoration design: Authorial Studio Architecture LINEA.

    Stage technology: OCHI – INŽENÝRING.

    Development area: 4 409 m ².
    Usable area: 12 850 m ².
    Net area: 16 846 m ².
    Cubature: 95 680 m ³.
    Investment cost: 99 000 000 PLN.
    Main hall: 720 seats.
    Studio: 208 seats.
    Rehearsal chambers: 200 seats.

    The most important element of the entire layout of this urban composition will be the future urban square at the intersection of Piłsudskiego and Świdnicka Streets with the northeastern corner of the theatrical building. The specially exposed location of the object requires constructions clearly subordinate to the regular and uniformly outlined shape of the square on one hand and a possibility of inspiring a dialogue between the square and the object on the other hand. In the authors' opinion, this solution will be conducive to the potential activation of the entrance zone and the square itself.

    The introduction of a glazed "trace" after the existing object in the full wall of the building and of glass illuminated lesenes and beams above a drive of frosted glass as a neon sign of the Theatre should deliver at least a part of the lighting and material uniqueness of the nonexistent object of the Capitol Cinema.

    The designed building from J. Piłsudskiego St. is separated from the courtyard with a glassed-in box office hall. On its first floor, there is a restaurant, a theatrical reception complex with a conference room, a snack bar and a chamber. The room of the Vip Theatre is hung above this zone. Ballet and choir rehearsal rooms are on the 3rd floor.

    In the spectator's accessibility zone, the main Theatre building has a theatrical hall and the existing ground floor cloakrooms. In the courtyard which connects the main building with the "Odra Film" building, there is a backside bay with a curtaining storeroom; on the cellar level – storerooms for stage decorations and transport to the main stage.

    The ground floor of the "Odra Film" building has an entrance hall with a lodge, a waiting room and a sanitary complex. On the first floor, there is an actor's club with a snack bar for the employees. The second and third floors make a part of administrative rooms related to the adjacent directors' complex in a new track. The cellar storey has decoration storerooms, managerial and technical facilities as well as gyms for the theatre employees.