The Centre of Administration in Tarnów

    Competition design – 1st award: November 2009.

    Authors: Ph.D. Arch. Marek Kozień, Ph.D. Arch. Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, M.Sc. Arch. Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka.

    Cooperation: M.Sc. Arch. Agnieszka Kowalczyk, M.Sc. Arch. Beata Tokarska, M.Sc. Arch. Jakub Kornecki, M.Sc. Arch. Magdalena Habrat-Rączka, M.Sc. Arch. Marcin Gierbienis, M.Sc. Arch. Michał Rączka, M.Sc. Arch. Przemysław Kusior.

    Orderer: The Office of the Town of Tarnów.

    Plot area: 26 700 m ².
    Development area: 5 221 m ².
    Net area: 19 895 80 m ².
    Building cubature: 83 893 m ³.
    Car park cubature: 10 194 m ³.
    Parking spaces: 352 altogether.
    Investment cost: 85 307 841 20 PLN gross.

    The location and its conditions make it possible to search for solutions which aim at creating a cooperative complex of objects joined by the layout of park greenery and for an urban space with a clearly defined compositional and programmatic layout.

    This object is a composition of two lines of buildings. One of them is a four-storey office building as the frontage of Dwernickiego St. with an open, all-access passage in its central part. The other line of buildings is marked by two objects joined by a "beam" hanging over the square. Both lines of buildings are joined in a crosswise manner by four connectors including evacuation staircases. The space between them is filled by the Customer Service Hall, the greenery of an "open" courtyard and a sessions chamber with a green space of recreation.

    On account of the relief, the two-layer urban square has a covered car park on the level of the lower square and a raised parking platform on Cegielniana St. level.