The Communal Centre of Culture in Jerzmanowice

    The design of the extension and adaptation of the existing building: November 2005.

    Implementation: 2006.

    Designer: Ph.D. Arch. Marek Kozień.

    Cooperation: Ph.D. Arch. Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, M.Sc. Arch. Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka, M.Sc. Arch. Wojciech Miętka.

    Investor: The Commune of Jerzmanowice – Przeginia.

    Plot area: 13.7 a.
    Net area: 488 1 m ².
    Cubature: 2 682 m ³.
    Spectator Hall: 110 seats.

    The programmatic and functional assumptions include the transformation of the existing object into the Communal Centre of Culture with a little spectator chamber as well as some education, office and conference rooms. The programme planned for extending the object from the northeast.

    The main element of the Centre of Culture is a spectator hall adapted from an existing room in the building designed in the layout of a transformable hall.

    Transformability is based upon dismantled stage podiums facilitating their fast and easy disassembly and the construction of another stage in a new set-design intention and on a folding three-row tribune hidden telescopically.

    The hall is accessible for both the spectators and the actors from the hall with cloakrooms, sanitary complexes and dressing rooms adjoining the stage.

    The cellars of the existing part has lavatories together with cloakrooms as well as a storeroom and boiler rooms. The usable part of the floor of the existing part is meant for a conference room. An added part of the building is planned for a staircase, sanitary complexes in the cellar and on the ground floor. The office rooms are upstairs.