The John Paul II Specjalist Hospital in Kraków. Building "E" – The Centre of Medical Rescue

    Building "E" – The Centre of Medical Rescue.

    Construction design: April 2009.

    Implementation design: November 2009.

    General designer: Design Agency A4.

    Architecture: KKM Kozień Architects.

    Construction: Tyczyński Wojtas Bureau of Design.

    Technology: Jacek Orłowski. Industries: M.Sc. Barbara Zasada, Janusz Juszczak, Eng. Tomasz Potocki, M.Sc. Waldemar Bialik, M.Sc. Franciszek Lesiak.

    Orderer: The John Paul II Specialist Hospital in Kraków.

    Development area: 1 353 97 m ². Net area: 6 410 82 m ². Total area: 7 414 70 m ². Usable area: 4 350 09. Cubature: 30 624 50 m ³. Net cubature: 20 535 98 m ³.

    This building is located on the plot of the John Paul II Specialist Hospital at 23 Prądnicka St. in Kraków, designed in its northern – central part.

    The five-storey Hospital consists of two joined L-shaped bodies (including the cellar part). The southern wing adjoins the modernized old part of the cardiac surgery building. The northern wing extends parallely along the new cardiac surgery building and reaches the existing boiler room.

    The objective of the extension is to create the Rescue Centre on the grounds of the existing John Paul II Specialist Hospital, complement its structure and add two operating rooms, including a hybrid one, to the existing operating track.

    The Central Outpatient Clinic and the Central Chemist's Shop with storerooms for the entire hospital were designed, too.

    The object is divided into the following basic functions:

    • the chemist's rooms,
    • bedrooms for the ill,
    • specialist rooms (laboratories, computer studios, examination rooms – diagnostics),
    • operating rooms – social and technical facilities.