The Museum of Scouting Movement at Fort 52 a ”Łapianka” in Kraków

    3rd award at a competition for an architectural concept – October 2011

    Authors: Marek Kozień, Ph.D. Arch., Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, Ph.D. Arch., Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka, M.Sc. Arch. Cooperation: Joanna Filipek, Magdalena Habrat-Rączka, Anna Kuszewska, Małgorzata Szewczyk, Marcin Gierbienis, Wojciech Miętka, Michał Rączka

    Orderer: Management of Public Housing in Kraków

    Plot area: 4.0 ha Development area: 2 654 m²

    The designed object – as a place of realizing the activeness of various groups which participate in scouting movement as well as public access recreation – ought to become a friendly, open, flexible space integrated with the park greenery that surrounds it. This layout also requires wide opening and a connection with the surrounding functions as well as precise adjustment to the historical layout of the fortress object.

    These programmatic assumptions define the authorial intentions adopted in this design:

    • to aim at creating an integrated complex of the objects of the Museum which consists of a historical and a newly designed part,
    • to recreate the basic principles determining the spatial formation of the fort,
    • to gain the effect of minimizing the impact of introducing the new cubature of the Museum on the original shape of the fortress grounds,
    • to incorporate the open areas of the woodland park into the influential range of the museum objects,
    • to create a maximally open and accessible park space,
    • to integrate the external and internal space of the museum,
    • to combine the open-access zone with the exhibition area spatially and functionally,
    • to create interiors with diverse heights and a considerable range of multifunctionality,
    • to introduce solutions in the architecture of the museum referring to the tradition of scouting movement as far as its form, material and standard are concerned.