The objects of the Polish Printing House in Kraków

    Stage I: Concept: 1999.

    Construction design: 1999.

    Implementation design: 1999.

    Implementation: 1999-2000.

    Plot area: 17 364 m ².
    Development area: 2 453 m ².
    Usable area: 3 198 m ².
    Cubature: 30 192 m ³.

    Stage II: Concept: November 2003.

    Implementation design: September 2005.

    Plot area: 1.4 ha.
    Designed construction area: 687 81 m ².
    Designed construction cubature: 4 083 00 m ³.
    Hall cubature: 4,083 m ³.

    Authors: KKM Kozień Architects.

    Investor: The Polish Printing House Ltd.

    Stage I :

    The rebuilding of the industrial hall for the needs of the Polish Printing House in Centralna St. A machine hall and a paper storeroom were designed in the one-storey part. A new three-storey part (96.86 m x 25.32 m long, 13.00 m tall), inserted in the building, includes the administrative and social part of the object. The hall is connected with the main administrative building by means of a lacing.

    Stage II:

    The extension of the existing hall of the Polish Printing House in Centralna St. by adding a warehouse designed in the southern part of the plot, in the vicinity of the existing training grounds. The designed object is a one-storey hall (development area: 692 m²; size: 54.5 m x 12.7 m). The designed hall consists of two storerooms: 405 m² and 260 m².

    Both storerooms are accessible from two sides:
    from the outside – through the roofed gates which facilitate loading and unloading delivery vans and trucks
    from the inside – from the printing house.