Competition programmatic and spatial concept: August 2004.

    Authors: Ph.D. Arch. Marek Kozień, Ph.D. Arch. Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, M.Sc. Arch. Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka. Cooperation: Arch. Arch. Dominik Darasz, Marta Dul, Krzysztof Faber, Agnieszka Kołodziejska, Małgorzata Szewczyk.

    Total area: 20 451 m ².
    Cubature: 81 192 m ³
    Number of overground storeys: 9. 
    Number of underground storeys: 2. 
    Underground car park: 50 spaces.

    The new object clearly refers to the character of the shape of the body of the existing building at 2/4 Jasna St. by introducing the rhythm of withdrawn window lisenes, the main inclined block of the office part and by applying similar material solutions.

    The material and colour of the elevation is adjusted to the context of the place and harmonizes with the objects in Powstańców Warszawy Sq. as well as the buildings in the vicinity of Jasna St. The stone façade penetrates the interior of the object in the atrium zone giving it – together with the elevation of the existing object – monumental character. The building consists of two underground storeys with archives, technical head offices and an underground car park.

    On the remaining nine storeys, there are courtrooms, consultation rooms, the registry office, a snack bar, a cloakroom, sanitary complexes, the court library, a reading room, a club with backup facilities, administrative rooms, the judges' rooms, conference rooms, offices and others.