The Rebuilding of the Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów

    Stage I: Architectural and constructional design: July 2004.

    Stage II: Constructional design: December 2004.

    Implementation: 2005.

    Architecture: KKM Kozień Architects. Cooperation: M.Sc. Waldemar Bialik, ROSENBERG-POLAND KRAKÓW LTD., M.Sc. Bogdan Miszczyszyn .

    Investor: The Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów .

    Development area: 832 m ².
    Usable area: 1993 m ².
    Net area: 2734 m ².

    Main spectator hall: 354 seats. The 1st stage of the modernization of this object was a design of a theatrical auditorium with a lighting and EA booth and its connection with a layout of escape routes.

    The auditorium was adjusted to the binding regulations of the building code. Visibility was corrected, the interior décor was changed, new installations were introduced.

    Changes in the wooden roof truss were made only in the lower part by removing the footing beams while creating "The Szajna Gallery". The structural ceiling over the stage was made in the form of a reinforced concrete vault supported by the external walls of the building. This construction was covered with a roof truss whose shape refers to the remaining part of the roof covering. The 2nd designing stage assumes the modernization of the following zones: the stage (the superstructure of the stage tower with a blocking facility raising the height of the stage and the modernization of the technology and technical equipment of the stage)

    the foyer with the cloakrooms (implementation according to another design of the interiors): a change of the spatial character of the interior by modernizing the entrance layout and the main stairs. The interiors is enlarged and optically "extended" with the separation of the area of the descent to the cellars (the cloakrooms), a change of the character of the interior finishing;
    the stage tower top: a developed tower in the roof zone veneered with flat sheet copper (patina green), with a curve in the top zone.

    The tower is topped with a little protecting metal balustrade. The roof is shaped like a little envelope and covered with sheet or asphalt.