The Regional Education, Conference, Library and Administration Centre in Rzeszów

    Competition design – 3rd award: April 2007.

    Authors: Ph.D. Arch. Marek Kozień, Ph.D. Arch. Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, M.Sc. Arch. Katarzyna Kozień-Kornecka.

    Cooperation: Arch. Arch. Michał Rączka, Magdalena Habrat–Rączka, Marcin Gierbienis, Michał Kornacki, Małgorzata Szewczyk, Joanna Filipek.

    Investor: Rzeszów University of Technology.

    Parking spaces: 438 altogether. Investment cost: max. 4,000 PLN gross for m ². Development area: 46 654 m ². Car parks, pavements and squares: 13 720 m ². Greenery: 1 893 m ².

    The Competition Jury's opinion: "This concept was assessed highly by the members of the Competition Jury on account of its architectonic values (the form of the body – a sculpture). Good situation in the area. A concept with visible respect for the existing urban tissue as well as skillful adjustment to the environment. It makes a separate form determining the individual character of this place, too. The concept is characterized by the full cohesiveness of its form and function. The functional solutions are suitable and beyond reproach. Respect for the existing view axes, a skillful connection of the entrances: the University of Technology – Powstańców Warszawy Avenues, a dynamical form with a modern, interesting framework are all praiseworthy. …(…)"


    The composition attempts to gain a compositionally homogeneous spatial form with an internal courtyard having strong openings to the surrounding area. It refers to the principle of the urban composition of historical layouts of university buildings with contemporariness, too.

    The spatial layout is formed by the bodies of an educational complex with an assembly hall and the foundation of the ground floors of the library and administration technologically clashed with the materially contemporary "angle" form for the library and administrative function. The construction of formally diverse coverings within the object, such as the entrance zone to the assembly hall or a covered complex of entrances to the library and the administrative building hall, is unusually important for the compositional principle.

    A complex of university objects under design consists of three elements set around a triangular courtyard. A pedestrian route from Powstańców Warszawy Ave. to a covered square in the vicinity of the entrances to the library and administration, then to the existing educational University objects runs along one of its sides.

    The library

    The object is accessible for readers from the south with an entrance located in the vicinity of a roofed square. An entrance hall with a cloakroom, sanitary complexes, service facilities and a training and exhibition hall were designed on the ground floor. There are some closed storerooms and technical facilities in the cellar part.

    The 1st floor level is the zone of information, lending library catalogues and the basic part of the students' reading room.

    The 2nd floor level includes reading rooms with specialist, scientific and electronic magazines. The zone of the main information hall, a lending library, catalogues and the lower reading room with books occupy two storeys.

    The education and conference centre

    The centre is accessible from Powstańców Warszawy Ave. Staircases and passages to the assembly hall and Level -1 in the area of cloakrooms and sanitary complexes lead from the entrance hall level which also makes an element of occasional exhibitions. From the hall, you can go to the eastern track where a complex of training, education and exposition rooms is located. This complex is accessible through the main hall of the school building, too.

    Cloakrooms for the students were designed on Level -1. In the settlements, the Investor indicated that the object could be used by 2,200 people at one time.

    By raising a steel curtain and opening it towards the courtyard, the stage in the assembly hall changes into an open-air stage for shows and academic celebrations. After lowering it, the curtain will make an element of an enormous decorative panneau identifying the place for the courtyard.

    The administration

    The object is accessible from the courtyard through the entrance hall connecting the educational objects with the library. Apart from its elementary functions, there are some commercial and gastronomical services in the hall. The first floor is the seat of the Vice-Chancellor and his agencies; the remaining two storeys include rooms for the central school administration.