The State Theatrical Academy in Wrocław

    Competition design – 1st award: February 2007.

    Construction design: 2007-2011.

    Construction completed: 2012.

    Architects: KKM Kozień Architects.

    Construction: Adam Klimek Constructions.

    Industries: TW Engineers , ECS Electronic Control System, M.Sc. Bogdan Miszczyszyn, M.Sc. Stanisław Seidel.

    Investor : The State Theatrical Academy in Kraków.

    Contractor: ABM Solid PLC.

    Plot area: 5 938 m ².
    Development area: 3 328 7 m ².
    Usable area: 8 630 86 m ².
    Net area: 10 496 43 m ².
    Cubature: 54 166 59 m ³.
    Main theatrical hall: 244 seats.
    Studio: 56 seats.
    Black theatrical chamber: 50 seats.

    The existing building of the STA Branch in Wrocław makes an adaptation of the former Constructors' Community Centre for the needs of an artistic school. The idea of this design is to preserve some elements of the original form of the object clearly marking any architectural and urban interferences – introducing a new educational object from the eastside with a spatial connection to the existing object by a "laid" track of administrative rooms and the superstructure of the stage tower. It aims at gaining a compositionally homogeneous spatial form and refers to the principle of an urban composition creating bonds between a recollection of a bygone epoch and contemporariness, between the existing matter and a new spatial layout.

    The main entrance leads to a hall making the school "agora" divided into the cloakroom part with entrances to the theatrical halls and the snack bar and a school part with practice rooms and a locomotion room.

    The ground floor level has an evening box office, promotion and audience organization offices, while the school part has some social rooms for the students. In the entrance hall, there is also a lodge with security, cloakroom complexes for the spectators, sanitary complexes and a passage to the educational and administrative zone. The development of the existing courtyard made it possible to introduce a new track of buildings with a studio, the actors' dressing rooms on the 1st floor level and a library part with a storeroom.

    The educational building groups the practice rooms and the locomotion room with the complexes of social rooms for the students and a complex of the recording studio rooms.

    In fact, the existing building together with the built-up courtyard makes an object which consists of three theatrical halls joined by the stage and storeroom backup facilities. A set design shop and storerooms are located on the cellar level.

    On the 1st floor from Legnicka St., there is administration with the Dean's offices; on the same level in the newly designed wing – the Vice-Chancellor's offices.